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You do not have to be happy. Just to be enough.
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About us

We met at the education program "Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy". This interest has united us right away. We found that we have common views on human being and our lives as the highest value. And yet we are convinced: the "right" feeling is exactly what you are experiencing right now!

However, it is important for us not only to be together in the common interest, but also to accept the differences. We complement each other and see the zone of personal growth. It helps us to be more attentive psychotherapists who appreciate the differences in people and find balance.

Each of us has our knowledge and experience, strengths and limitations, our own style of work. We are demanding ourselves as specialists, so we are constantly learning and regularly getting supervised.

In our team, we know that each of us can support, sympathize and be close, help make the right decision and give professional advice.

Choose among us one, most spirit-related, therapist, and get support multiplied by three!

The Issue list you can turn to

Family relationships - with parents, children, with husband or wife, with friends, colleagues, siblings, peers, at distance.
Life difficulties and crisis states
Age crises, difficult period in life, professional crises, meaningless
Difficulties in communications
With relatives, friends, colleagues.
Emotional burnout
Nervous exhaustion, stress, irritability, annoyance, aggressiveness, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear, etc.
Traumatic experiences
Psychological / physical violence, boiling, gaslighting, loss of relatives, grief, divorce.
Depressive conditions, apathy
Long-term suppressed condition, procrastination (permanent postponement "for later"), loss of feeling of joy and pleasure, powerlessness.
Panic Attacks
Attacks of fear, panic or strong anxiety, feeling of internal tension in conjunction with various vegetative disorders.
Psychosomatic disorders
Function violations of various internal organs and systems that arise under the influence of the traumatic events factor.
Career guidance
Change of profession, loss of work place, professional search.

Our Services

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Our Contacts
Psychological Center GARDEN

Katya +38 098 862 2286
Sergii +38 050 415 1195
Liuda +38 093 484 8822

(we will cal you back if we did not answer right away!)

We work in a flexible mode.
You can arrange a meeting from 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.
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